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How to use Freshworx

Because of its unique prebiotic odor-neutralizers, Freshworx is most effective when introduced to a clean litterbox and not mixed with other litters or additives. Follow the instructions below for best results.
1. Clean out your cat's litter box with a strong disinfectant before filling. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
2. Fill with 3” of Freshworx litter.
3. Scoop out waste and soiled litter at least once a day and dispose of it in a trash receptacle. DO NOT FLUSH WASTE DOWN THE TOILET. The remaining granules are fresh and odor free.
4. Add more Freshworx litter to maintain a depth of 3”. Empty litter box and refill with new litter every 14 days.
Cats are creatures of habit, and can be apprehensive when they encounter a different litter. Refer to our suggestions for Transitioning your cat if needed.


Clumps and solid waste should only be disposed of in the trash. Never flush any cat litter down the toilet.

As with any litter, veterinarians recommend changing the litter box completely at least once a month. The entire contents should be disposed of in the trash.


A parasite found in cat feces can transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis. For this reason, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after scooping or litter box cleaning.

Pregnant women and those with suppressed immune systems should avoid any litter box maintenance.

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