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Introducing your cat to a new litter

Cats are creatures of habit and can be apprehensive when they encounter a different litter. Here are some suggestions to make the changeover easier.
Fill a clean, empty litter box with 3" of Freshworx litter and pour 1" of the brand you're currently using on top.
Alllow your cat to freely mix the products when using the litter box.
Repeat this process if necessary when you change the litter. But this time, add only ½” of the other brand.
Once you have completed the transition to Freshworx, wash your litterbox thoroughly and fill with 3" of Freshworx in order to get the most benefit from its unique prebiotic odor-neutralizers. Freshworx is most effective when not mixed with other litters or additives.
Refer to the Directions for more information on how to use Freshworx.
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